What Are The Signs You May Need a Root Canal Procedure?  

Root canal treatment is a delicate procedure that needs to be left to the professionals at Western Slope Dental in Grand Junction, CO. An infected root canal is often a tell-tale sign that there are worsening conditions throughout your mouth that may have gone undiagnosed. During your procedure, the team will make sure that your comfort is a priority, and help to identify and fix the root of the problem.

What is a Root Canal?

This is often a misnomer. A root canal is simply the area found within the “pulp” of your tooth, which is the innermost layer. Root canal treatment is extremely vital to stop the spread of bacteria within your mouth. If left untreated, a root canal can lead to severe gum diseases, which causes both dangerous and costly health issues.

Signs You May Need Root Canal Treatment

Here are three common signs or symptoms that you may need a root canal treatment:


Severe Pain While Chewing

An obvious and tell-tale sign that you may need any kind of treatment is pain. A root canal infection is often accompanied by sharp pain when biting or chewing in that particular location. While this may not necessarily mean that it is the source of the issue, your dental expert will be able to properly identify the problem and suggest the best course of action.

Pimples Around Your Gums

A root canal infection also leads to a gum infection. If you feel there are bumps, spots, or pimples around your gums – this is a strong sign you need treatment.

Extreme Sensitivity

Exposing the area to hot and cold, however mild (such as breathing in) can cause extreme sensitivity, persisting after the sensation is removed. This is a strong sign you need root canal treatment.

Your Local Grand Junction, CO Dentist

If you are experiencing symptoms, however mild, it is time to make an appointment with your local Grand Junction, CO dental experts. The team at Western Slope Dental has extensive experience in this field, and can easily identify and resolve your unique situation.


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