Can I Get My Teeth Whitened if I Have Gum Disease?

If you have gum disease, chances are your teeth may not look great, either. They may be yellowed or stained, and you may be thinking that you should consider teeth whitening in Grand Junction, CO. But while you’re worried about how your teeth look, your dentist has more serious concerns, particularly gum disease. So the question is, can you get your teeth professionally whitened if you have gum disease?

It’s Not Recommended

The prevailing belief among professional dentists is that you shouldn’t get teeth whitened if you have active gum disease. Although you may want immediate and short-term results with teeth whitening that can make you feel better about how your teeth look, the underlying condition of gum disease needs to be addressed first.

Why Teeth Whitening Isn’t Recommended With Gum Disease

Professional teeth whitening involves the use of chemicals, including hydrogen peroxide. The chemical interaction is what removes the discoloration from teeth and produces shades of lightening results. But those same chemicals can also affect the gums. And, with gum disease, the gums are already sensitive, vulnerable, and inflamed. The teeth whitening formulation’s chemicals will only irritate the gums and potentially make them much more painful. The process may even worsen the condition of the gums, making it harder to heal the gum disease. Finally, teeth whitening results will be compromised because of the condition of the teeth and gums. So, you won’t get that nice, uniform whitening that you may expect.

You and your dentist can prioritize treating the gum disease, bringing you closer to having that beautiful, white smile you long for. Contact your dentist in Grand Junction, CO, today to book a thorough dental exam appointment.