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Why Mercury Fillings Are No Longer Used

Mercury fillings, also known as dental amalgams, have been used for over a century to restore decayed teeth. However, their usage has significantly declined in recent years due to various concerns and advancements in dental materials. Here’s an explanation of why mercury fillings are no longer widely used: Health Concerns Mercury is a known toxin, […]

What Is Bruxism?

Bruxism is a condition that causes a person to grind their teeth, either unconsciously during the day or while they sleep. Grinding your teeth can do damage to your tooth enamel. Many people who grind their teeth are unaware that they’re doing it because, most of the time, it happens at night. Your dentist in Grand […]

How to Keep Dentures Looking Clean and New

When a dental patient first gets dentures, it’s an exciting day. Finally, the problem of missing teeth is resolved, and the patient can confidently face the world with a beautiful smile again. The care and maintenance of removable dentures in Grand Junction, CO, is essential to keep them looking as clean and new as that first […]

Is It a Cavity? 4 Signs to Watch For

Cavities can be upsetting and painful. Once you’ve identified that there’s a problem, going to the dentist in Grand Junction, CO, can help you alleviate the pain as quickly as possible. Sometimes, it’s easy to miss the signs of a cavity. Knowing what to look for and getting immediate help is important! What Is a Cavity? […]

How Often Should I Get a Teeth Cleaning?

Seeing your dentist is good for your oral hygiene, and good for your teeth. Knowing how often to see the dentist in Grand Junction, CO is important for maintaining healthy teeth and gums, so how often should you go? Knowing the answer to this question is important. Here’s what you need to know. When to Come for […]

What’s Plaque? What’s Tartar? What Can I Do to Keep It Off My Teeth?

Plaque and tartar are terms that you hear when you’re talking to your dentist about oral hygiene and oral health. Most people are aware that plaque and tartar are problems that can develop on their teeth if they don’t go see the dentist in Grand Junction, CO. But what is the difference, and how can you stop these problems […]