Dental Fillings 101: Questions from Curious Patients

When it comes to tooth restoration, dental fillings in Grand Junction, CO are the most common treatment. While almost every individual will need a filling at some point in life, if you have never had a filling, you are bound to have a few questions. Take a look at a few things you may want to know before getting a filling at the dentist.

How do dental fillings stay in place?

Dental fillings contain a material that bonds directly to the natural material of the tooth. Once the filling has cured, which can take only a few minutes, the bonding agent cements the filling in place, so it does not move or shift. While fillings can fall out, this rarely happens unless the material has been in place for several years or there are further issues with decay.

How long should a dental filling last?

Dental fillings can last anywhere from 5 to 15 years. Therefore, this simple procedure is one of the best for protecting a tooth in the long term. While fillings may have to be replaced eventually, while the filling is in place, it protects the point of decay from further deterioration.

Can a cavity be too large for a dental filling?

A cavity can be too large to be suitably fixed with a filling alone. For example, if you have a broad and deep point of decay on one of your teeth, a filling alone may not be enough to fully stabilize the tooth. In these cases, the dentist typically recommends the tooth be covered with a dental crown. Dental crowns offer greater tooth coverage and can be just as long-lasting as a filling.

Discuss Cavity Treatments with a Good Dentist in Grand Junction, CO

A cavity should never go unattended, so talking to a Grand Junction dentist as soon as possible is crucial. Reach out to the team at Western Slope Dental Center to schedule an appointment.

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