How Do Partial Dentures Stay In?  

Partial dentures are held in place either by precision attachments, acrylic clasps, fixed bridges, or dental implants. Some partial dentures are removable, so you can take them out for cleaning or sleeping. Others are fixed in place, either by crowns attached to the surrounding teeth or by implanted posts, usually made of titanium. Your dentist in Grand Junction, CO, can answer your questions regarding partial dentures and whether they’re a good fit for you.

Why Would I Need a Partial Denture?

Anyone who is missing one or more teeth may elect to have partial dentures. These are used to fill large gaps where natural teeth have either been lost or extracted. They restore the appearance of your smile, and they restore biting and chewing function. They also help to prevent the bone loss that can occur when lost teeth are not replaced. Having a partial denture can help you avoid painful problems with your temporomandibular joint and may prevent costly dental work in the future.

How Does a Partial Denture Stay In?

There are several attachment options for partial dentures:

  • A cast metal framework that clips onto existing teeth
  • A pink acrylic base that uses metal clasps to clip onto surrounding teeth.
  • Gum-colored clasps that nestle between existing teeth
  • Dental implants

Each type of partial denture comes with its own advantages, and your dentist may give you a choice of options. However, not all options are appropriate for all patients. This may be true for patients who have allergies to acrylic, for example, or for patients who don’t want a metal framework to show.

Help with Partial Dentures in Grand Junction, CO

For more information on partial dentures in Grand Junction, CO, we invite you to call Western Slope Dental Center today. Our clinicians and staff are experienced, friendly, and ready to discuss your dental goals. Additionally, we offer a full range of comprehensive dental care to serve all your family’s oral health needs. Whether you want to schedule a routine cleaning, or you’d like to discuss options for improving the appearance of your smile, Western Slope Dental Care is ready to help.




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